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Sorry for writing in English but I'm not sure which is the best place to report. I found what seems a bug with the show parameter. In Wikivoyage ES (https://es.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Usuario:Urci_dream/Taller2) I have a set of marker points without no public coordinates, as you can check in Wikidata (https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q97286349). I would like to use the parameter show=none since, according template documentation it instructs the template to omit the coordinates information printing. This never works to me. I tested both Wikivoyages ES and DE so it looks to me it could be a bug.

This is how I'm using it:

| name =Fortín 12 
| type = other
| wikidata =Q97286349
| show = none

and result is:

  • Fortín 12 wikidata Länge und/oder Breite fehlt

Could anybody please check if I'm doing something wrong or confirm the bug? Thanks a lot. Olea (Diskussion) 12:09, 22. Mär. 2022 (CET)

There is no bug. A marker needs a coordinate in any case, and Q97286349 hasn't. Markers should only be used for geographical objects normaly shown on maps. I am planning to program templates for non-geographical objects which do not need so much computing time. But it will take some time. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 13:08, 22. Mär. 2022 (CET)
I see. Then, I could say the show=none parameter has no sense. Is this right? Olea (Diskussion) 13:14, 22. Mär. 2022 (CET)
I will remove the show=none parameter when I finished the new templates (also the type parameter makes no sense). I will inform you. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 17:22, 22. Mär. 2022 (CET)
Oh, no need to inform, just wanted to be sure. Thanks a lot :-) Olea (Diskussion) 17:23, 22. Mär. 2022 (CET)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── @Olea: Please use {{Sitelinks}} template for non-geographic objects or objects without coordinates. Within next days I will make this template available on Spanish Wikivoyage, too. --RolandUnger (Diskussion) 07:33, 5. Jun. 2022 (CEST)

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