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This template is used to enlarge the size (but compensate for line height while doing so) in order to make diacritic marks in linguistic articles easier to discern in detail and distinguish from each other.

  • {{Huge|diacritic mark to make large}}

If the value passed to the template is or contains a "=" (equals sign) character it must be done like so:


This template is compatible with the {{Unicode}}, {{IPA}}, and similar templates:

  • {{Huge|{{Unicode|῾}}}}
Example of typical usage
  • Blah blah blah {{Huge|῾}} versus {{Huge|᾽}} blah blah.

This looks like:

  • Blah blah blah versus blah blah.

The size may also be specified, setting equivalent line spacing by default:



Or, you may choose to specify line spacing:

{{Huge|&<br />=|300%}}

{{Huge|&<br />=|300%|0%}}



Alignment can also be altered:

valign can be set to "sub" (the default), "super", or "normal".

{{Huge|sub}} {{Huge|super|valign=super}} {{Huge|normal|valign=normal}}


Finally, here's an example of putting it all together:

{{Huge|Wiki<br />Wiki|300%|200%|valign=super}}<br />Wiki Wiki.


Wiki Wiki.


Enlarge the size of diacritic marks and compensate for line height.

Vorlagenparameter[Vorlagendaten bearbeiten]


The diacritic mark to make large.

Mehrzeiliger Texterforderlich
Font size2

Font size a a percentage. Default is 180%.

Mehrzeiliger Textoptional
Line height3

Line height, defaults to font size or 180%.

Mehrzeiliger Textoptional

Vertical alignment. Either 'normal', 'super' or 'sub' (the default).

Mehrzeiliger Textoptional

Siehe auch

  • {{small|...}} ({{klein}}) – Verkleinert den Text und wirkt wie bei der Benutzung des Tags <small>...</small>. Bsp: {{small|small}}
  • {{big|...}} ({{groß}}) – Vergößert den Text und wirkt wie bei der Benutzung des Tags <big>...</big>. Bsp: {{big|big}}
  • {{resize|size|...}} ({{Textgröße}}) – generische Größenänderung Bsp: {{resize|120%|resize}}
  • {{larger|...}} ({{größer}}) – Nicht so groß wie {{big}} Bsp: {{larger|larger}}
  • {{large|...}} ({{sehr groß}}) – Einfach groß. Bsp: {{large|large}}

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