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This template allows the same style of marking metro/tram/... stations across WV articles.

In base form, it just makes sure the station is highlighted in the article:

{{station|Main train station}}

Main train station

The optional second parameter, if specified, allows attaching list of metro/tram/... lines to the station name, likely using the rint template:

{{station|Main train station|{{rint|prague|C}}}}

It can be then combined with listing or a marker (the station template then used as name of the station):

{{marker | name = {{station|Namesti republiky|{{rint|prague|B}}}} | type = subway | lat = 50.08827 | long = 14.42885 }}


  • 1 Catedral de la Almudena (Opera Madrid-MetroLinea2.svgMadrid-MetroLinea5.svgMadrid-MetroRamal.svg). Catedral de la Almudena in der Enzyklopädie Wikipedia Catedral de la Almudena im Medienverzeichnis Wikimedia CommonsCatedral de la Almudena (Q849711) in der Datenbank Wikidata. This massive cathedral faces the Palacio Real. Finished near the end of 20th century in the Neo-Gothic style, it is where the Princes of Asturias Felipe and Letizia were married in 2004. Especially noteworthy are the 5,000-pipe organ, a large painted 15th-century Gothic altarpiece, and the empty 12th-century coffin of Madrid's patron saint, Isidro. Geöffnet: Daily 09:00-20:30. Preis: €1 (requested donation).